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Lavish Savannah's Exotic Cattery

Specializing in F2 & F3 Kittens

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About Us

Welcome to Lavish Savannah's where you will find nothing short of the best exotic hybrid cats. Delivering our clients with the best of the best Savannahs is our holy grail and we will always deliver our promise. 

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Meet our F1 Queens

Fun, Fur and Frolics


Rarri was our first Drinkwater F1 Queen to join our fur family. She is very sweet, docile and an all over love bug. Our children just adore Rarri and have so much fun with her.


Nala was our 2nd Drinkwater F1 Queen added to our fur family here at Lavish Savannah's. Nala takes after her serval father, Rolls Royce of Drinkwater. She has a wild side but she can be a lover as well. Not to mention, she has helicopter ears!



Katana is our 3rd Drinkwater F1 Queen to join our fur family. She is a lovable, spunky, crazy lady that is a replica of a African Serval.


Hattori is our 4th addition to Lavish Savannah's and she is just a little firecracker. She is amazingly colored with large spots and a beautiful serval like face. She is super sweet and makes the perfect Queen for our cattery. 

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Elsa is our newest addition to our family. She is a silver F1 and full of snow color and solid black spots. She is absolutely stunning and one of a kind. She is a lover and adores our children and playtime.


Jon and Holly Leahy


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