The Story of Lavish Savannah's!

We would like to take a moment and introduce ourselves. My name is Holly Leahy and I have a wonderful husband, Jon and 2 children, Jonathan and Scarlett. My love for animals has been a life long hobby of mine. It is embedded in my soul and I was able to shine that light on the rest of my family. We all love our animals more than anything. We decided to dive into the Savannah world last year in 2019 when one of my best, most lovable Siamese cats passed away. We purchased our first three F1 Savannahs from Drinkwater Savannahs. We were absolutely in love and just knew this was something we wanted to do as a family. We took the leap and now we have five F1 Queens, four F2 Queens and three Savannah studs. Our goal is to provide high quality, top of the bloodline Savannahs for you and your family.