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The Story of
Lavish Savannah's!

A moment in the spotlight for the founders of Lavish Savannahs! 

Let us take a moment in the spotlight. As I am sure you can tell, our cats & kittens are the light of our families world. We cherish each and every one our babies and take pride in our kittens, Queens and Studs. Lavish Savannah started in 2019 with two F1 Queens and one F7 Stud. We quickly grew as we discovered this was a missing link to our family. Our entire family grew to love the Savannah breed very quickly and of course, we expanded our Savannah family. Our children have become part of our cats everyday life and socialization. Each and every one of our kittens is handled from a young age and socialized by both us and our children. Our cats are exposed to our daily routine and our dogs as well. Not only do we breed for Savannah kittens but we also have Servals that we absolutely adore!

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