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Frequently Asked Questions

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The Answers You Need

Is a Savannah right for me and my family?

Savannah cats are among one of the best breeds to own. The Savannah breed is much like a dog in the sense of socialization. They are extremely intelligent and crave attention, stimulation and exercise. If you feel you are a fit for these needs, then you are a suitable parent for a Savannah.

What do the F generations of a Savannah mean?

This simply means the number of generations removed from the wild African Serval. For example, A male serval to a domesticated female Savannah would result in a F1 Savannah. And F1 Savannah female bred to an F6 Savannah Male would result in F2 Savannah kittens. A F2 savannah female bred to an F6 Savannah male would result in F3 kittens, and so on. 

What makes the Savannah breed so expensive?

To be a good savannah breeder, it requires a substantial amount of financial investment. It is by no means easy work and demands a wealth of patience. Among these reasons, breeder feed their cubs and cats premium food and a raw diet to give them their healthiest start to life. Along with this, we all know veterinarian care is not cheap. The kittens are vet checked, given their immunizations and that makes up a great deal of the price. There are a limited amount of Savannah's produced and offered for purchase each year. 

What do I feed my Savannah?

Savannahs are domesticated cats and can maintain a healthy diet with premium cat kibble and wet food. We do recommend a raw diet in the aspect that that is their natural diet and will thrive from it. Please remember to speak with your breeder and take any recommendations when purchasing a kitten. Please do not change their diet suddenly, as this can lead to health issues. 

Do Savannahs get along with children and other pets?

The quick answer to this question is yes. Most all Savannah cats are affectionate and lovable. You can expect them to get along with dogs and other cats as well, after the initial introduction phase. Our Savannahs all tolerate our children hugging, kissing and playing with them and if they've had their fill, they move along to another place in our home. 

Do Savannahs use a litter box?

Yes, they are actually just like any other breed of domesticated feline in regards to the litter box. They are taught young as babies by their mother. Most kittens do not have any issue establishing and maintaining good litter box habits. Of course, there may be that one kitten who has an issue but that CAN be identified and resolved rather quickly and efficiently. 

Do Savannahs act wild?

The Savannah cat is by no means aggressive or destructive in nature. Mind you, this breed is highly intelligent and energetic. They love to play with our dogs and keep up on the excitement when our children are at play. If you are in a situation where you will only have the Savannah cat as a pet, be prepared for lots of love, stimulation and exercise. We always recommend more than one cat to keep them busy, especially if you work away from home. 

Do I need a license or permit to own a Savannah?

This varies by state, county and town. Please be sure to do your research before purchasing a Savannah cat as this could result in legal issues. Check with your city and county game commission or animal authorities. 

How do I purchase a Savannah Kitten?

First and foremost, decide whether the Savannah breed is right for you. I can promise you won't regret the decision to own one of these amazing animals. Decide which generation and sex will best suit your family. The higher the generation, the bigger you can expect your cub to get. We will be sure that you and your family are matched perfectly with your new kitten before take him/her home. Please reach out to us with any questions. 

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